"Colors of light"

An exhibition of the Cottbus artist Ramona Engelmann

Powerful colors and expressive compositions united in stillness and movement.
The Cottbus artist Ramona Engelmann combines her art with her energy works and creates
thereby creates light-filled works of art that allow the viewer to consciously look inward.
In the period from August 01 to September 29, 2023, some of her powerful artworks can be seen in
exhibition "Colors of Light" on the 2nd floor of the IKMZ of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.
can be viewed.

When Ramona Engelmann's creative journey began in 2014, it led the artist via
various techniques to fluid art - creating with liquid acrylic paints.
Her irrepressible enthusiasm for this type of art made her dive deeper and deeper - showing her,
what it means to let go and live according to her true strengths.
So after 17 years in the IT industry she decided to leave her job behind and follow the call of her heart.
the call of her heart. Since then, she has dedicated herself to her calling and her art.
In addition to commissioned and intuitive artworks, the artist also regularly offers
inspiring art courses in her studio in Cottbus. Courses in which she conveys the joy of
Creating with liquid acrylic paints to all interested parties would like to pass on.

All information about Ramona Engelmann and her art can be found on her website:

2nd floor
Inf.-,Komm.-u.Medien-Ztr. (IKMZ)

Platz der Deutschen Einheit 2
03044 Cottbus


Antje Tworke-Heybutzki
Technische Grunddienste IKMZ
T +49 (0) 355 69-2585
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