If the computer you are using is part of the BTU´s campus network, you can access many electronic resources directly without username & password. In this case the network, or IP address, will be automatically recognized since BTU IP addresses (start with 141.43.*.* or 193.174.73.* →  check your IP address) are registered with many publishers and service providers.

Remote access to electronic resources is limited to students and staff of BTU Cottbus only. It is possible to read electronic journals from outside the campus, for example, by using the  VPN-Service of the Computer and Network Department. Some providers offer access via Shibboleth as an alternative to VPN.

Further information is provided on the help page.


The University Library Cottbus offers electronic resources such as  e-journals, databases, e-books etc. solely to its patrons' personal scientific use. Patrons may not copy, distribute, transmit, or otherwise reproduce licenced content from electronic resources fully or in parts in any format. Any translation or revision of licenced content is prohibited.

Systematic downloading of e-resources - for example, entire volumes of journals or entire books - is strictly prohibited. The use of roboting systems for automatic indexing, download or automatic search is not allowed.

Please be aware that systematic downloading or other breach of regulations will cause the publisher to block to the entire communicty of our university from accessing these resources.

(It is partly based on disclaimer of the University Library Berlin. Thanks  for the approval.)