General Business Administration VI (11966, or former 38202)


The students learn the basics of business management, organization, human resource management as well as management and business ethics. In addition, the fundamental models of strategic corporate management and the modern organisational theories of New Institutional Economics will be presented to the students. In the last part of the course, the ethical responsibility of companies will be discussed. In addition to the basic concepts of ethical responsibility, students also attend various schools of thought in ethics.

Learning goals:

ContentCritical thinkingCommunicationSocial and ethical behaviour Quantitative researchResearch based problem solving Type of lecture (compulsory or elective)

Exam und Credits:

  • MAP (exam, 90 minutes)
  • Credits: 6 


every winter term


If the course is attended as 38202, then only the content of weeks 1-10 is relevant.

Link to syllabus: 

Further information can be found in the current module description.