Study objective and fields of application

Computer science is a science that deals with the systematic description, analysis and design of information-processing processes. The aspects considered range from the electronic fundamentals, circuitry, and architecture of computers to the development of system and application software and the social influences of computers and their networking on society. The bachelor's program in computer science imparts the necessary technical knowledge, skills and methods of computer science and enables students to act independently when applying them in practice. To this end, students learn basic scientific methods to deal with problems of the use of computing systems, formal modeling of complex issues, automatic processing of information and the design of hardware and software systems. This orientation to scientific methods prepares students for the demands of an ever-changing professional world.

Numerous analyses show that computer science graduates have good opportunities in the rapidly expanding IT job market. This is because they are believed to be able to master complex issues and to react flexibly enough to the constant changes in requirements. Potential employers include IT departments of small and medium-sized companies, system houses, telecommunications companies, but perhaps also an Internet service provider or a consulting firm.

For those more interested in research and development, an in-depth master's degree is recommended. The bachelor's degree in computer science qualifies students for the consecutive master's program (M.Sc.) in computer science at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. This is directly adapted to the Bachelor's program and thus complements it optimally. Of course, the studies can also be continued at other universities in Germany and abroad.