Examinations and academic achievements

Credit points are acquired through examinations and academic achievements and must come from specific study complexes or modules. A complex is the content-related summary of different modules. A module is one - or more - self-contained courses. Descriptions of the modules can be found on the Teaching Information Portal. A certain number of credit points is awarded upon successful completion of a module or through proof of required performance. In total, the Bachelor's program comprises 180 credit points. It is generally expected that approximately 30 credit points will be earned per semester, with one credit point corresponding to an average workload of 30 hours.


  • To earn corresponding credit points from a module, you must register for the modulevia theonline portal no later than two weeks after the start of the course (in exceptional cases, you may register directly with the course administrator).
  • You have the option to withdraw by the end of the seventh week. In this case, all examination parts and coursework in this module will be considered as not completed. For some modules it is possible to withdraw until the end of the 13th week, this is then noted in the corresponding module description.
  • The overview of examinations and course work shows how the module assignments can be reasonably arranged in the individual semesters and when, accordingly, the associated examinations or course work will be completed.
  • Before completing the program, students must declare which elective modules are to be credited.
  • There are several ways to study abroad for a semester. Information can be found on the Study Abroad page or in the International Relations Office.
  • Modules can be taken that are not to be accounted for until a future Master's program. Recognition is granted by the examination board on the recommendation of the future mentor and is limited to a maximum of 30 credit points. There is no legal claim to recognition.
  • Further details can be found in the current examination and study regulations.