Graduates report

Kirill Osenkov

I'm from Ukraine. I studied (and graduated) from BTU Cottbus (Computer Science Department) in 2007. Now I work fulltime as a software engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, WA, USA) on the Visual Studio team. BTU Cottbus was a perfect university for me to study - a great choice of modern, relevant courses, deep fundamentals well covered and an internationally recognized degree.

The university was very welcoming from day 1 - very helpful and friendly people, great, very effective and fun language course with amazing teachers, all the opportunities to be successful. Moreover, everyone says that the Uni has a very "family" atmosphere - we were literally drinking beer with the professors and assistants, they were very approachable, friendly and helpful. Also, there are plenty of job opportunities as a teaching assistant (if you know your stuff well). Finally, if you like parties and having fun, there's no better place for partying than the Uni!

The university also helped me to get into Microsoft - they have connections and Microsoft was sending out an invitation for a student internship in the USA and I was lucky enough to get selected. I spent a summer "Praktikum" in Redmond and it was an amazing experience. BTU is very supportive of students going abroad and international students coming to study here.

I've made great friends and I will always remember the Uni as a great place to study.

Holger Kache

Advisory Software Engineer
IBM Silicon Valley Labs, USA

Diploma Graduate 2003

Video on the occasion of the 3rd Alumni Meeting of the IT Study Programmes (2009)