Structure of the study

The Bachelor's program in Computer Science has a standard period of study of six semesters. Under certain circumstances, individual part-time study is also possible, in which case the standard period of study is extended(according to § 6 RahmenO-Ba, application form). Enrollment is only possible for the winter semester.

The Bachelor's program is divided into a two-year basic study period and a one-year specialized study period.

The basic studies (1st to 4th semester) serve to impart the basic knowledge and techniques required for the subject and to familiarize students with the tools. In order to ensure that all students have a uniform basic knowledge at the end of the basic studies, this part of the course consists mainly of compulsory modules.

Integrated into the basic studies are a freely selectable application subject and the interdisciplinary studies (FüS).

The specialized studies (5th and 6th semester) deepen the knowledge acquired in the basic studies and qualify for the subsequent professional activity or the advanced master studies. The specialized studies conclude with the Bachelor's thesis.