Study access

A successful study of computer science requires the ability to work in a mathematically formal, abstract, as well as an application-oriented practical manner. The applicant should be interested in working with computer hardware and software. Specialized programming knowledge is not required, but elementary programming knowledge is very advantageous. If little programming knowledge is available, attendance at the preliminary programming course is strongly recommended. However, the BTU also offers a "pre-semester" in mathematics and physics each fall as well to help refresh high school knowledge. Participation in the pre-semester in mathematics is also advised.

Good knowledge of the English language proves to be indispensable in the course of the study of computer science, since a large part of the technical literature (textbooks, journals, technical documentation, ...) is only available in English. The language center of the BTU Cottbus offers English courses on different levels, which can be attended during the studies.

The work of a computer scientist often takes place in the context of larger groups. You should therefore be willing and able to work in a team.

Even at university, all beginnings are difficult. For example, because the supervision by teachers that exists in school does not exist in this way. The student gets offers, also a sample study plan, but he/she can organize the studies by him/herself.

Above all, students in the first year should actively take advantage of the courses offered in the basic subjects, i.e. actively participate in exercises in particular. In other words, "calculate yourself instead of copying out". The computer science bachelor's program is organized in such a way that, as far as possible, the different courses build on each other in terms of content. Therefore, it is highly dangerous to skip "difficult" basic subjects, especially from mathematics and computer science, at the beginning in order to catch up on them "later".