Study access

The prerequisite for admission to the master's program is an acquired bachelor's degree that is close to computer science.

Sufficient content-related proximity of the bachelor's degree exists if the training in theoretical, practical, applied and technical computer science and in mathematics is of a comparable scope to the bachelor's degree program in computer science at BTU. The examination board conducts the examination for sufficient closeness of content of a degree. In cases of conditional equivalence, the committee may determine that modules may be made up.

Students may start their studies in the winter semester as well as in the summer semester.

Successful study of computer science requires the ability to work in a mathematically formal, abstract, as well as an application-oriented practical manner. The applicant should be interested in working with computer hardware and software.

Good knowledge of the English language proves to be indispensable in the course of the study of computer science, since a large part of the technical literature (textbooks, journals, technical documentation, ...) is only available in English. The language center of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers English courses on different levels, which can be attended during the studies.

The work of a computer scientist often takes place in the context of larger groups. Therefore, the willingness and ability to work in a team should be present.

Students with a Bachelor degree from abroad should contact the International Relations Office. Information on how to apply can be found here. The language of instruction is predominantly German. Applicants from abroad must provide proof of sufficient command of the German language (usually DSH 2, cf. admission requirements according to § 25 BbgHG).

Students with a Bachelor's degree from another German university should contact the faculty advisor.

Procedure for Continuing Studies in the Master's Program in Computer Science after Completing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

In case of queries, the student should contact the faculty advisor as early as possible.

After the defense or the completion of the last examination of the Bachelor's program, the student collects his/her Bachelor's degree certificate or a complete grade report from the Student Services. The "Application for Continuation of Studies in the Master's Program at BTU" form must then be completed.

If the bachelor's program has not been completed by the start of the new semester, the student will initially re-register as a bachelor's student. Transfer to the first semester of the Master's program is then still possible until the end of the grace period for re-registration without further fees.

There will no longer be an examination interview to determine aptitude.

The student chooses a mentor (professor) from the Institute of Computer Science at an early stage and obtains his/her approval. A potential study plan is also discussed with the mentor at an early stage. Finally, the student creates his/her Master's study plan, which must be approved by the mentor.

If modules already completed are to be credited to the Master's program, a corresponding application must be submitted. The mentor must approve this application. Please note that a maximum of 30 credit points can be recognized. There is no legal claim to recognition.

The form with the documents (certificate/achievement record) and the Master's study plan endorsed by the mentor is forwarded to the examination board for processing. This committee then formally assigns the mentor and forwards all documents to Student Services.