Double Degree Structure

The Double Degree option of the Master programme offers a more structured pathway in comparison to the standard programme. Participants begin by studying the first semester at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, followed by the second semester at Cairo University and the third semester at Alexandria University. During the fourth semester, dedicated to the Master Thesis, students have the flexibility to select their university based on their chosen topic and preferred supervisors.

Upon successfully completing the programme, participants are granted a Double Degree Master of Science from two partner universities. The determination of which universities award the degrees is based on the affiliations of the two supervisors chosen by the students for their master's thesis.


The curriculum of the Double Degree programme is project-based and has three main academic components:

  • Urban Design and Rehabilitation
  • Urban Development
  • Architecture in Historic Context 

Each semester consists of a project and three other module  which are either theoretical, research-oriented or practical.