Fourth Term

Students conduct their Master Thesis during the fourth term. The thesis should integrate contents of at least two components of the study programme and is to be accompanied by two professors from two of the partner universities of the dual degree master programme. 

Mandatory Module

  • Master-Thesis

The Master-thesis is based on applied science and experience and consists of scientific written report and, if applicable, graphics and models. The scientific written part must describe the problem, which should be solved, the goal and the status of planning and research concerning the topic. The concept and strategy of the master thesis must be described in a systematic way. The master thesis must be revisable, traceable, coherent and fulfil the scientific standards. With the master thesis, the candidate demonstrates that he/she is scientifically competent, understands the professional knowledge of urban design, has the ability to critically apply and reflect scientific methods and findings and is able to independently design projects and therefore has acquired the fundamental professional knowledge and manual skills to enter the specialist practice.

The topic of the master thesis is to be defined in consultation with two professors of the master programme. The proposal, which must be submitted by the candidate, has to at least contain: the research problem, the research question, goal and objectives, methodology, scope and kind of performances as well as a scheduled timetable. 

List of selected Master-Theses can be found here.