Third Term

Durign the third term at Alexandria University students should successfuly complete the mandatory project module and three of the five offered elective modules which are as follows:

Mandatory Module

  • Architecture in Historic Context Project

The course engages the students to the practical issues concerning the study and analysis of an architectural project within a historic context by starting to understand all possible values attached to the context of the place and where a detailed historical research about the site should be conducted to be able to identify the significance of the place. The project then moves to examine the current situation at its context, highlighting the different current site problems in order to develop an understanding of the probable factors that lead to a possible change. This consequently will lead students toward undertaking in-depth studies that together with the existing regulations and codes of practice for historical buildings will seek to justify new ideas and developing more informed proposals while adopting concepts of socio-economic equality, environmental sustainability as well as heritage conservation and continuity. Such an approach will provide students with a broad and comprehensive overview of the process, more specifically, giving clear insight into significant theories and practices in this field. The course enables the students to become familiar with the design concepts related to design of a building within a historic context. The course also raises the awareness and the level of education about the inherent values of historical contexts and the importance of heritage conservation and how to connect the historical asset with the contemporary use, fostering and enhancing the level of belonging and sense of identity.

Elective Modules

  • New Architecture in Historic Context
  • Adaptive re-use of Old Buildings
  • History and Theories of Historic Building Conservation
  • New Technologies for sustainable building rehabilitation
  • Evaluation, Interpretation and Documentation of Historic Buildings