Second Term

Durign the second term at Cairo University students should successfuly complete the mandatory project module and three of the five offered elective modules which are as follows:

Mandatory Module

  • Urban Development Project

In order to better understand the issues related to urban development within the city, the class focusses on parts of the city that lies between the historical origins and those that have been developed within the modern era. As such the class will invest considerable time at understanding the proposed site of study through literature and historical studies as well as site visits and observations. The class will further focus on the main issues of which the site represents (for example informality). It will then undertake critical assessment of plans developed by concerned authorities and institutions. It will also look for locally initiated development concepts and proposals. Finally, the class will examine the recommended solutions regarding the development of the concerned areas through presented proposals for the community and concerned authorities. They will be asked to present a project that includes a short time project or a workshop or symposium, an excursion or independent studies. 

Elective Modules

  • Urban Regeneration
  • Urban Heritage Management
  • History of Urban Morphology
  • Participation in Urban Development
  • Mobility Planning and Management for Historic Cities