Dates in 2016
Date ThemeSpeakerVenue and Time

February 24th 

Tutorial on "Cognitive Systems" 

Prof. Douglas Cunningham (BTU) 

BTU-CS, Cottbus
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
VG1C/SR 0.01 
March 3rd Tutorials on "Low Power Technologies and Circuit Design" and "Hardening Digital Systems against Side Attacks" Dr. Goran Panic and Dr. Milos Krstic (IHP) Dr. Zoya Dyka and Prof. P. Langendörfer (IHP) IHP, Frankfurt / Oder Time: 10:00 a. m. to about 4:00 p. m.
April 20th-22nd IEEE Int. Symp. on Design and Diagnostics
of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS), 2016 
 Kosice, Slovakia 
May 10th-11th  "Dresdner Arbeitstagung für Schaltungs- und Systementwurf" DASS 2016 (Dresden Work Meeting on Circuit and Systems Design) in Cottbus
BTU-CS, Cottbus
VG1C/SR 0.01
May 12th
Tutorial on “Observation and Control of Malicious Hardware and Software Modifications by Sandboxing”
Prof. Christophe Bobda, University of Arkansas, USA BTU-CS, Cottbus
VG1C/SR 0.01 
JuneTutorial on “Codes for Error Detection and Error Correction in Digital Systems” Prof. Dr. Michael Gössel (University of Potsdam) BTU-CS, Cottbus 
June / July Workshop on “FPGA-based System Design” TU Liberec 
September/ OctoberTutorial Workshop on "Cyber Physical Systems in Medical Application"TU Gliwice
OctoberTutorial Workshop on "Paper Writing" , "Thesis Writing"  BTU-CS, Cottbus 
November Annual DCPS
Evaluation workshop
with presentation of recent work from PhD students 
BTU-CS, Cottbus 
Dates in 2015
Date and TimeThemeSpeakerVenue
Feb. 25th10:25 am - 4:30 pmWorkshop on Digital
Signal Processing:
algorithms, applications,
and architectures
DCPS Workshop
Prof. Andrzej Dobrucki (Wrocław University of Technology)
Dr. Marcin Kiełczewski (PUT)
Dr. Tomasz Marciniak, (PUT)
Dr. Paweł Pawłowski, (PUT)
TU Pozan (PUT)
Mar. 26/27th10:00am (26th)
- 03:00pm
Tutorial on Formal
Announcement and
Udo Krautz (IBM, Böblingen)
Prof. Jaan Raik (TUT Tallinn)
Thilo Vörtler (Fraunhofer, IIS)
Prof. Andrzej Pulka (STU Gliwice)
Apr. 22th to 24th IEEE Int. Symp. on
Design and Diagnostics
of Electronic Circuits
and Systems

(DDECS) 2015
Belgrade, Serbia
May 29th9:00am -3:30pmWorkshop on "Error
Resilience in Nano-
Electronic systems"
Announcement and
Prof. Krishnendu Chakrabarty (Duke University)
Prof. Andreas Steininger (Vienna University of Technology)
Stefan Weidling (Uni Potsdam)
Prof. H. T. Vierhaus, (BTU-CS)
Wladimir Petrovic (IHP)
Room 0.01
June 22nd to 24thall dayIEEE Int. Workshop of
Electronics, Control, Measurement, Signals
and their Application
to Mechatronics
(12th IEEE ECMSM-2015)
July 13th to 15thall dayMEDIAN ISTS 2015
Volker Pitzal (Robert Bosch, Germany)
Hans Manhaeve (Ridgetop Europe, Belgium)
David Vališ (Brno University of Defence, Czech Republic)
Ben Kaczer (imec Belgium)
Krishnendu Chakrabarty (Duke University, USA)
Said Hamdioui (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Maksim Jenihhin (TUT, Estonia)
Mario Schölzel (IHP, Germany)
Heinrich T.Vierhaus (BTU, Germany)
Petr Pfeifer, Zdeněk Plíva (TU Liberec, Czech Republic)
Prague (DAP
Hotel Dejvice)
Sep. 28th toOct 2ndAnnual Conference of
the German Informatics Society (GI)
Oct.Tutorial/Workshop on
Medical Applications of
Cyber Physical Systems
Nov. 10th to 12thMEDIAN Workshop in
Tallinn with DCPS
Guest Participation
Presentations from PhD students TUT Tallinn
Nov. 26th to 27thAnnual DCPS
Evaluation workshop

with presentation of recent work from PhD students
Presentations from PhD students from all partnersBTU-CS
Dates in 2014
Date and TimeThemeSpeakerVenue
25 March10:00am - 3:00pmTutorial on "Next-Gen Monitoring Concept for Powertrain Controllers"C. Kutz (Robert Bosch GmbH)BTU-CS, ZHG/SR1
28. - 30. Aprilall dayBELAS - "Biannual European – Latin American Summer School on Design, Test and Reliability"
BELAS 2014
Contributions from various partnersIHP, Frankfurt (Oder)
30. May1:00pm - 6:00pmTutorial on "Innovative Test Technologies"Prof. A. D. Singh (Auburn University, USA)U. Potsdam, Building 7, Room S13
6. June10:00am - 5:00pmTutorial on "Code-based Error Detection and Correction Technologies"; optional Tutorial on "PhD Thesis Writing" and on "Approach to Research" for new PhD students Prof. M. Gössel, G. Niess, S. Hosp (U. Potsdam)BTU-CS
20. June11:00am - 4:00pmTutorial on "Test technology" and on "FPGA-based design";
Tutorial on "Automatic Verification in Digital Systems Design by Prof. Görschwin Fey (U. Bremen/ DLR)
Contributions from various partnersTU Liberec
1. Aug.1:00pm - 3:00pmTutorial on "System Physician on Chip (SPOC): Dynamic Adaptation for Resilient Integrated Circuits and Systems"Prof. K. Chakrabarty (Duke University, USA)U. Potsdam
18. Sep.10:00am - 3:00pmStart-up-Workshop for PhD Students with Tutorials on "Getting started in research", "Introduction to Scientific Paper Writing" and "Thesis Writing"Prof. C. Lewerentz, Prof. H. T. Vierhaus, Prof. M. Schölzel (BTU-CS)BTU-CS,
22. - 24. Sep.all dayIEEE SPA Conference (Presentation of results in the area of digital signal processing)
Contributions from various partnersPoznan
6. - 8. Oct.all dayIEEE Baltic Electronics Conference
Contributions from various partnersTallinn
6. - 7. Nov.all dayEvaluation workshop with presentation of recent work from "new" PhD studentsPresentations from PhD students from all partnersBTU-CS
4. - 5. Dec.all dayJoint Conference of TU Tallinn's Graduate School and DAAD-DCPS (Selected tutorials and joint status evaluation)Presentations from PhD students from all partnersTU Tallinn
12. Dec.all dayTutorial/ Workshop on "Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Analog Electronics Systems" and on "Testing of components connections" cE. Hrynkiewicz, A. Pawlak, D. Grzechca, T. Garbolino, A. Pułka  (STU, Poland)STU Gliwice
Dates in 2013
Date and TimeThemeSpeakerVenue
19.-21. Juneall dayBELAS - "Biannual European – Latin American Summer School on Design, Test and Reliability" BELAS 2013Contributions from various partnersTU Tallinn
12. Sep.11:00am - 3:00pmDCPS-Start-up Meeting - Start-Up of collaboration for the DCPS-project for 2014-2016. Presentation of a first catalogue of jointly organized master courses.Local project leaders from partner universities (TU Poznan, TU Liberec, TU Gliwice, TU Tallinn), participating professors from BTU, IHP and Fraunhofer-IIS/EASBTU-CS
29./29. Nov. & 6. Dec.10:00am - 5:00pmIGS-Workshop on "Academic English and Presenting Skills"L. Mannion (Certified Interpreter/Translator)BTU-CS
R. 4.29
(main building)


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