Dates in 2014
Date and TimeThemeSpearkerVenue
25. March10:00am - 3:00pmTutorial on "Next-Gen Monitoring Concept for Powertrain Controllers"Clemens Kutz, Robert Bosch GmbHBTU CS
28. - 30. Aprilall dayBELAS - "Biannual European – Latin American Summer School on Design, Test and Reliability"/ ZUSYS-final workshopBELAS2014Contributions from various partnersIHP,
Frankfurt (Oder)
Dates in 2013
Date and TimeThemeSpeakerVenue
17. Jan.10:00am - 4:00pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Quantum Informatics and Information Security"Prof Göran Pulkkis (Arcada University of Applied Science, Helsinki, Finland)BTU CS
11.-14. Feb.9:00am - 1:00pmSecond part of the comprehensive FPGA and ASIC design: "RTL Design and Test with HDLs"Prof. Zainalabedin Navabi (Worcester Polytechnic Institut USA and University of Tehran, Iran)TU Tallinn
5. March10:30am - 3:30pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Design and Test Technology for 3-D Integrated Systems"Uwe Knöchel, Andy Heinig (Fraunhofer-Institut IIS, EAS, Dresden)BTU CS
14.March9:30am - 3:30pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Software Development and Quality Assurance for Automotive Applications"Dr. Schneider (BMW AG, Munich)BTU CS
24. May10:00am - 4:00 pmZUSYS-Tutorial "SiGe vs. CMOS circuits from technology to UWB single-chip system"Dr. Gunter Fischer (IHP, Frankfurt/Oder)BTU CS
19.-21. Juneall dayPhD Forum within BELAS - "Biannual European – Latin American Summer School on Design, Test and Reliability" BELAS 2013Contributions from various partnersTU Tallinn
28. June10:00am -4:00pmZUSYS-Tutorial "New Challenges in Design and Test Technologies for Integrated Systems in Mobile Communications"Dr. Jürgen Alt (Intel Mobile Communications GmbH, Neubiberg)BTU CS
12. Sep.10:00am -3:00pmZUSYS-Workshop on "Reconfigurable architectures for self repair"Dr. Mario Schölzel, Tobias Koal, BTU Cottbus
12. Sep.11:00am-3:00pmDCPS-Start-up Meeting Start-Up of collaboration for the DCPS-project (Dependable Cyber Physical Systems) for 2014-2016. Presentation of a first catalogue of jointly organized master courses. DCPSLocal project leaders from partner universities (PUT Poznan, TU Liberec, STU-Gliwice, TUT Tallinn), participating professors from BTU, IHP and Fraunhofer-IIS/EASBTU CS
13.sep.10:15am - 3:30pmZUSYS-Workshop on "Dependable Systems on FPGAs"Martin Rozkovec, Petr Pfeifer, TU Liberec, Christian Gleichner, BTU Cottbus
20. Sep.10:00am - 4:00pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Multi-Core-Processors - Operating Systems and Programming"Prof. Jörg Nolte, Dr. Reinhard Karnapke
(BTU Cottbus)
25. Oct.ZUSYS-Final Workshop canceled!Presentations from ZUSYS students from all partners. Joint status evaluation!BTU CS
28./29. Nov. & 5. Dec.10:00am - 5:00pmIGS-Workshop on "Academic English and Presenting Skills"Ms Lorraine Mannion (Certified Interpreter/Translator)
Dates in 2012
Date and TimeThemeSpeakerVenue
26.-28. Feb.all dayGI/GMM/ITG-Workshop on "Test and Reliability of Integrated Circuits"
TuZ 2012
BTU Cottbus, IHP Frankfurt/OderLindner Congress Hotel, Cottbus
22. March all dayZUSYS-Tutorial "Low Power System Design"prof. H. T. Vierhaus (BTU CS)BTU CS
LG1C, R. 415
18.-20. Aprilall dayDDECS 2012 - "IEEE Int. Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Elektronic Circuits ans Systems" in Tallinn, Estonia
DDECS 2012
TU Tallinn
27. April9:30am -1:00pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Testable Design for Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems"Ana Paula Fonseca-Müller and ThomasWieja (Robert Bosch GmbH Reutlingen)BTU CS
LG1C, R.415
4. May9:00am - 3:30pmZUSYS-Tutorial "Rutime Verification and Runtime Technology"Prof. Martin LeuckerBTU CS
LG1C, R.415
14.Juneall dayZUSYS-Tutorial "low Power Design", optimal "Self Repair Technology"Prof. H. T. Vierhaus (BTU CS)TU Tallinn
29. Juneall dayZUSYS Tutorial "A holistic approach towards secure wireless sensor networks" (Langendörfer),
„Fault Tolerance and Repair Technologies for Nano-Electronic Systems” (Schölzel, Vierhaus)
Prof. Peter Langendörfer (IHP, Frankfurt/Oder),
Prof H.T. Vierhaus (BTU Cottbus), Dr. Mario Schölzel (BTU Cottbus)
20. Sept.all dayWorkshop on "Advanced Functional Test Technoloy for Processors" (Sonza Reorda)Prof. Matteo SONZA REORDA (Politecnico di Torino),
Dr. Mario Schölzel (BTU Cottbus), Sebastian Müller (BTU Cottbus)
21. Sept.ZUSYS-Tutorial "Testing, Testability and self-repair of memories"Prof. Elena Gramatova (TU Bratislava)TU Liberec
18. Oct.Workshop with presentations from all ZUSYS students from all partners. Joint status evaluation!!ZUSYS Students of the BTU CS and partner institutionsBTU CS


You can also use the ZUSYS-iCalendar (ICS format) to import into your Outlook/Thunderbird-calendar:


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