FG Digitales Entwerfen is pleased to announce the AIAAF symposium (AI-Aided Architectural Fabrication). Researchers from several European universities will present their work on topics of Artificial intelligence and discuss and exchange their experience about machine learning techniques in conjunction with architectural fabrication, planning methods, structural solutions and robotics. In discussions we will eventually find answers for it’s necessity in architecture and will question critically this rapidly evolving technology.

There are four goals for the symposium:

  • Showcase the projects which are using fabrication aided by AI
  • Discuss outstanding robotic fabrication projects
  • Get familiar with the cutting edge simulation, modeling and learning methods
  • Find out new areas of collaboration between the AI and Fab disciplines


While the attendance is free of charge, registration is required. You can register here


  • Benjamin Felbrich ICD Stutgart
  • Mary Katherine Heinrich CITA Copenhagen
  • Ryan Hughes Axis Robotics Aarhus
  • Paul Nicholas CITA Copenhagen
  • Aldo Sollazzo IAAC Barcelona
  • Maria Śmigielska UfG Linz
  • Ilija Vukorep BTU C-S Cottbus
  • Mateusz Zwierzycki BTU C-S Cottbus