AIAAF 2023

The May conference "AI Aided Architectural Fabrication" will once again look at the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design and construction of buildings. This symposium highlights ways in which AI can be used to collect and manage data in the architectural creation process, and examines the potential benefits and challenges of using AI in this context.

The symposium is featuring a series of presentations and panel discussions led by industry experts Aldo Sollazzo (Noumena CEO), Claire Kuang (Speckle), Saqib Aziz,(UdK), Dr Matthias Standfest(Archilyse CEO), Benjamin Felbrich (Olive Robotic CTO), Damiano Cerrone(SPIN Unit), and Chien-hua Huang (ARUP). Experts will share their experiences and insights on the application of AI in architectural fabrication, providing real-world examples and case studies.

Information and registering: