Ilija Vukorep has been a professor of digital design methods since 2006. As an architect he founded together with partners the office LOMA architecture.landscape.urbanism in the year 1999. From 2009 to 2011 he was a visiting professor at the University of Kassel. After graduating, he worked in architectural offices in Japan and Spain. In his office he won international and national competitions such as the award for digital innovation - German Landscape Architecture, the San Francisco Prize, Europan or the AR & D Award. His focus in teaching and research are computer-aided design methods and fabrication. He is a member of the Institute for New Industrial Culture and Institute for Floating Buildings.

List of Publications at UBICO


Room LG2D.212
T +49 (0) 355 69 42 15


Research Areas

Digital Design, Digital Fabrication

PhD Supervision

- Joseph Clanghorn, "Algorithmic Landscapes - Computational Methods for the Mediation of Form, Information, and Performance in Landscape Architecture", an der Leibniz Universität Hannover, main supervisor: Prof. Christian Werthmann

- Mateusz Zwierzycki, "Representation Methods for AI in Architectural Design", first supervisor

- Anatolii Kotov, "AI - enhanced Architecture Design Methods", first supervisor

- Tru Trang Nguyen, "Study model of floating housing units embedded in a floating community using innovative floating structures and materials, adapting to climate change and sea level rise in Vietnam", first supervisor

Published Projects

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