DAAD research grant for Judyta Cichocka

Dr. (Eng.Arch.) Judyta Cichocka will research on preselective and suggestion methods in connection with form optimization and form finding within the framework of a DAAD scholarship. These AI methods are not well developed in architecture and could become an important future design tool. She studied in Wroclaw, Wellington and at the MIT. For the summer semester 2020 she held a workshop at the BTU on the optimization of structures.

Report on the last AIAAF symposium published

The symposium AI Aided Architectural Fabrication (AIAAF) hosted in 2019 came up with a proceeding that is online published and that collects the input from several international researchers and practitioners on AI topics in architecture.

Publication on robotic fabrication

Prof. Vukorep presented a lecture at the 2020 Digital Concrete online conference to the topic "Robot-Controlled Fabrication of Sprayed Concrete Elements as a Cyber-Physical-System", that was also published at Springer Proceedings.

A convertible bending active structure

Bending-active structures are able to perform large movements, without the need for complex mechanical constructions. From easily producible, flexurally soft bars and plates or individually manufactured elements, it is thus possible to produce spatial support structures which, by utilizing elastic material behavior and the stored restoring forces, offer new possibilities for movable structures.

Components according to the biological model of bone formation

Together with the bioinformatician Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hinze the master thesis of Alexander Melcher on the subject of modeling, simulation and optimization of the internal structure of components based on the biological model of bone formation, was supervised at our chair.

Autonomous building with the help of cable robots

The research project deals with the topic of rope moving parallel robots (Cable Driven Parallel Robots) in construction and architecture.