Our department is seeking support in the field of academic teaching for our young and committed team. More information can be found here.

Together with the Department of Building History, we are offering two students a Master's Thesis on the topic of the extension and modification of the excavation house in Petra, Jordan, including a four-week stay at the excavation site. Further information can be found here.

The field of digital design methods deals with development and use of computer-aided technologies in architecture and construction. With the increasing digitalisation of everyday and working life, new methods are being developed in the planning and production of the built environment. The technologies of building and planning are evolving very fast, existing processes are being optimised and the creation of architectural forms is changing. The focus of the department in teaching and research lies in the interdisciplinary processing of topics at the interface of architecture, urban planning, landscape planning and building technology. It focus on topics such as CNC technology, parametric models, robots in construction, programming of forms as well as automatisation and control of complex processes.