Former Staff

Former Chairholder:

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Wolf Fichtner
Prof. Dr. habil. Bernd Schieferdecker 

Former Employees:  

Dr. rer.pol. Guido Knott  (1997)
Dr.-Ing. Janet Nagel (1998)
Dr. rer.pol. Axel Wietfeld  (1998)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Adam (1999)
Dr.-Ing. Christian Fünfgeld  (1999)
Dr. rer.oec. Jürgen Hübner (2000)
Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Schmidt (2001)
Dr.-Ing. Alexis Bonneschky (2002)
Dr.-Ing. Fritz Wengeler (2004)
Dr.-Ing. Remo Tiedemann (2005)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Woldt (2008)
Dipl.-Ing. André Manig (2012)
Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Kammer (2013)
M. Sc. Stefan Wald (2017)
Dipl.-Vw. Sebastian Kreuz (2019)
Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Käso (2020)
Dr. rer. pol. Dragana Nikodinoska (2021)

Former Student Assistants:  

Nasser AlHajj Hassansoll
Kaleena Buchholz
Abdessamad El Bahraoui
Daniel Wilkinson
Maik Röhl
Taimyra Batz Lineiro
Falko Richter
Lukas Nacken
Moustafa Ahmed Mansour
Roland Cunha Montenegro
Robert Laschke
Xuejiao Liu
Julian Garzon
Felix Gaumnitz
Lucía Varela
Claudia Mrotzeck
Janine Winkler
John-Robin Miehe
Josephine Sindermann
Sascha Krauz
Florian Rieger
Martin Bendig
Christian Schwieder

Former Trainee:

Maria Krutilova
Lazar Nikitovic
Sara Oda

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