Lecture series "Hydrogen-Future-Lausitz?!"

Public hybrid lecture series "Hydrogen-Future-Lausitz?!", summer semester 2024

Organizational details

The lecture series will take place from April 24, 2024 to July 10, 2024, every second Wednesday from 17:30 to 19:00. The event is open to all interested parties inside and outside the university. Registration is not required. We look forward to an exciting exchange!

The lectures will take place at the main campus of the BTU and will be broadcast live online (Webex):

The lecture series is part of the FÜS module "BTU4future - Transdisciplinary Module for Climate Protection and Sustainable Development". Moodle course for module participants:https://www.b-tu.de/elearning/btu/course/view.php?id=13217

Program of the lecture series

DateOfficerLecture title
24.04.2024Luisa Stuhr, BTU Chair of Technical and Environmental SociologyEnergy transition H2 Ready? An environmental-sociological view of the hydrogen future
08.05.2024Dr. Stella Oberle, Fraunhofer IEGPotentials and hurdles of the infrastructure transformation from gas to hydrogen
22.05.2024Prof. Karsten Müller,University of Rostock Chair of Technical ThermodynamicsHydrogen: More than H2
05.06.2024Dr. Julia Gabler & Markus Will,Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences Institute for Transofrmation, Housing and Social Spatial DevelopmentWhat fairy tale does Lusatia tell?
19.06.2024Niels Kunz and Fabian Präger,University of Technology Berlin Chair of Economic and Infrastructure PolicyHydrogen and infrastructure development for a 100% renewable energy system
03.07.2024Dr. Lasse Thiele, Conceptual work new economyHydrogen imports and global justice
10.07.2024Prof. Bernd Hirschl,BTU Chair of Management of Regional Energy Supply Structures Jens Krause, Hydrogen Network Lusatia DurcH2atmen Neelke Wagner, PowerShift e.V. Henk Wiechers, BTUChair of Regional Planning FUTURE TALK: What role should hydrogen play in the Lusatian energy transition?

Brief description

In the pursuit of renewable energy solutions, green hydrogen (H2) has been discussed as a promising key element for several years. The potential of hydrogen to decarbonize various sectors, from mobility to industrial processes, offers an enticing path to a greener future. However, the successful implementation of a green H2 economy will require a great deal of green electricity from renewable energy sources as well as the construction of new infrastructure. With the continuation of the National Hydrogen Strategy 2023, the course has been set for the construction of a German H2 economy. In Lusatia, H2 is also expected to play a relevant role in the local economy and energy supply. H2 is being discussed by some as the "new green coal", which is to be used across the board. Others, on the other hand, describe hydrogen as the "champagne of energy", which should only be used in sectors where electrification is not possible. In this mixed situation, we want to enter into an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discussion: what role should hydrogen play in the future as part of a socio-ecological transformation?

The public lecture series aims to critically examine the potentials and challenges of hydrogen in the German energy transition from different perspectives. Based on guest lectures from a wide range of universities and chairs, technical-ecological and social issues of justice, access and participation in a potential H2 economy will be discussed. There will be time for questions and discussion after each presentation. In the concluding Futuretalk on July 10, we want to talk about the specific role of hydrogen for the Lusatian energy transition.

The lecture series is organized by Luisa Stuhr and the Chair of Technical and Environmental Sociology as part of the BTU4Future module.