Luisa Stuhr

Luisa Stuhr studied Political Science at FU Berlin and Ecology and Environmental Planning at TU Berlin. Her work focuses on critical transformation research, socio-ecological transformation in Lusatia and the energy transition. In terms of content, she is particularly interested in the relationship between transformation and crisis, the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, the underlying understandings of transformation and the role of (energy) security in crisis and transformation.

For me, the connection between technology and the environment on a sociological level means a critical and historically embedded examination of power, resource use and collective responsibilities.

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Current publications

Klose, J., Meißner, M., Beyeler, L., Stuhr, L. & Jaeger-Erben, M. (2023) Designing repair education: Experience reports & suggestions for teachers. Bielefeld: wbv Publication.

Stuhr L., Bodirsky B., Jaeger-Erben M., Beier F., Hunecke C., Collignon Q., Lotze-Campen H. (2021): German pig farmers' perceived agency under different nitrogen policies. Environ. Res. Commun. 3 085002


Luisa Stuhr

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