Summer & Winter Schools

Our university has cooperative partnerships with more than 160 universities in 53 different countries. Some of our partner universities offer summer schools that cover a wide-range of themes. In addition to technical subject matter, the summer schools also offer a number of cultural events so that students can get to know their host country better. 

This is your chance to use your summer break to improve your personal and professional skills, improve a foreign language, meet people from all over the world, or simply get a closer look at a potential exchange university.

On this page, we have compiled some information about the various summer schools that are offered by our partner universities abroad. If you have any additional questions that are not answered below, please contact the partner university directly.

Due to the current COVID-19–situation, several universities have decided to conduct their respective summer schools in an online modus.

Summer Schools 2021

Romania: West University of Timisoara

West University of Timisoara invites you to take part in their (late) Summer School in year 2021. The Event will be held online. It will allow Master and Bachelor students to take part in courses such as:

  • Historic and artistic crossroads
  • Sympathetic Humour and Postmodern Irony in our times. Soothing the Soul vs. sharpening our Rhetorics
  • Taxation and Accounting in the Digital Era and Global Economy
  • Machine Learning Applied on Earth Observation Data   
  • Presentation skills and nonverbal communication   
  • Words’ Histories   
  • Quantum Logics of Chemistry   
  • Biochemistry aspects in various medical conditions   
  • Key points in the History of Design (1900-2000)
  • History of the universe and cosmology   
  • Getting the changemaker mindset: reinvent yourself as a social entrepreneur   
  • The Constitution today. Judicial review and civil liberties   
  • Counselling and self-development   

The Participation fee is 50 Euro and the Application Deadline is 16th July.

For more Information and registration form visit their Website.

Poland: Wrocław University of Science and Technology

3E+ stands for Energy, Excellence and Excitement. But it also stands for Extra Experience, Expanded Education and Effective Evolvement.

Join us at Wrocław University of Science and Technology - one of the top technical universities in Poland- for special summer edition of 3E+ Summer School! We hope to see you in person in September, when we will finally be able to say - the pandemic is over!

If not, we are ready to meet you online.

Both ways, you can earn 4 ECTS points! 

3E+ offers 60 hours of interactive, small-scale courses (max. 10 students). They are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. This year, we propose the following courses to choose from:

  • Introduction to Data Science with Python
  • It’s a MEMS, MEMS world …
  • MEMS and mechatronic systems with LabVIEW
  • Opportunities and challenges in Modern Nanotechnology and Photonics
  • Design Thinking for Innovation and Sustainable Development
  • Selected aspects of designing, managing and securing computer networks. Connections redundancy, attack protection and threat detection
  • Project Management
  • Diffusion of innovations: theoretical and empirical background
  • Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy buildings
  • Is the future of Raw Materials and Geodesy Digital?
  • The influence of regulation and economy on the development of the energy sector
  • Deep learning methods for biomedical data analysis
  • Green fuels and environment
  • Quality control and technical evaluation of building and civil engineering structures
  • Architecture and Construction - the general issues

3E+ also offers Polish language and culture course. ‘After hours’, almost every afternoon and evening, we deliver a wide range of activities. From City sightseeing tours, sports activities to all day trips outside the City of Wrocław.

See the details here.

or contacts us here.

Russia: Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering invites you to take part in their Summer School in year 2021.
The Programme for this summer will be mix of online and offline courses:

  • Architecture of Eco-Tourism Complexes in the Arctic, July 5-16, 2021 (ONLINE)
  • Summer School of the Russian Language: Master Your Russian in Saint Petersburg! June 28 – July 10, 2021 (ONLINE)
  • Redevelopment of Industrial Zones in St Petersburg: Urban City Challenge, June 24 - July 9, 2021 (OFFLINE)
  • Urban Planning: Architectural Design from Sketch to 3-D Model, July 10 - 24, 2021 (ONLINE)
  • Industrial and Civil Engineering in Russia: Unique Experience of Design and Construction in St Petersburg, July 19 – August 2, 2021 (OFFLINE)
  • Transport System of the Russian Megapolis: Exploring Current State and Future Perspectives, July 20-30, 2021 (OFFLINE)
  • New Life of Open Urban Spaces, July 5-18, 2021 (ONLINE)

The language of instruction is English. The Courses will last for 2 Weeks and will reward students with 4 ECTS. All the details and deadlines are available on the website:

Russia: St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University invites you to take part in 3 Summer Schools in year 2021. There will be 3 options for you to choose from:

  • Option 1: Online:
  • Option 2: Hybrid:
    • On-campus summer school for students holding Citizenship of (List of Countries with which Russia has resumed international air and railway service):
      • United Kingdom, Tanzania, Turkey, Switzerland, Egypt, Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, Cuba, Serbia, Japan, the Seychelles, Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Singapore.
    • The courses will be offered same as in Option 1 however the students may come to St. Petersburg for the duration of the programme to take touristic advantages.
  • Option 3: Tailored made:
    • For group of minimum 10 students holding nationality of the countries listed above.

To apply visit this Website:

Jordan: German Jordanian University

German Jordanian University invites you to take part in their “Learn Arabic and Discover Jordan” Summer Course in year 2021.

Their offer contains:

  • an intensive beginner’s Arabic class,
  • meeting various socio-political stakeholders
  • nature and historical sites in Jordan
  • Intercultural training to experience the Jordan culture, traditions and modern local life in Amman.

The Course will start on 1st and end on 21st of August. The participation fee is 300 JOD.
For more information visit their Website.

Israel: Bar-Ilan University International School

This summer the Bar-Ilan University International School, in conjunction with our Faculty of Law, will again offer our unique summer program in Identity-Based Conflict Resolution, July 4-29, 2021.

Students from all over the world will engage in different workshops online and/or on-campus for 2-4 weeks. This program offers four graduate-level courses that focus on various perspectives related to identity-based conflicts in Israel: cultural, psychological, religious, and legal. Students will learn how to creatively engage with such conflicts by using simulations, conversing with guest speakers, and touring relevant sites throughout Israel. Courses can also be taken individually. Additional information on the program is attached.

Please find more information about the Summer School here.

Russia: Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University invites you to take part in 2-week Summer school on the Caucasus: Civilization, Politics, and Economy. The school has been supported by the DAAD Go East program. It will be held in a picturesque place on the Black seafront in Divnomorsk on August 17-30. The participation fee is 630 Euro.

Please find more information about the School at:

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