Dear Sir or Madam,

The InnoProfile Transfer Group Image-based Assays cordially invites you to the Status Seminar 2016. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been supporting the interdisciplinary research team at the Senftenberg campus of the BTU Cottubs Senftenberg since April 2013, with the aim of developing innovative technologies for medical multiparameter diagnostics and preparing them for market introduction. Building on the preliminary work of the previous InnoProfile initiative "Molecular Diagnostics", researchers led by Prof. Dr. med. Peter Schierack at the BTU CS and partners from the industry (Attomol GmbH, PolyAn GmbH, Generic Assays GmbH, Medipan GmbH) a versatile platform for cell- and microparticle-based assays. Some of the research results are already applied in the development of products by the cooperation partners. As part of a public status seminar, platform concepts, current developments and published research results will be presented. The program will be filled with lectures by group external speakers and lectures by members of the InnoProfile Transfer Group. In addition, the integration of the InnoProfile Group into the BTU developments is presented. The event is free and public.

Date: 07.12.2016

10:00 - 13:30


BTU Cottbus - Sentenberg     

Campus Senftenberg     

University Square 1     

01968 Senftenberg     

Building 15, room 15.106