Production and Logistic Management

In the field of production and logistics management, the Chair of Production Management, centres its research on issues of (1) efficiency and flexibility in production systems, (2) the design of a customer-specific serial production and (3) the complexity and variant management at the product and process level. For this purpose, the processes along the entire material flow are analysed and evaluated technologically, economically and logistically. In order to improve the quality of the research targeted methods for recognizing; gathering and assessing data to evaluate the performance and the cost-efficiency of the production process are employed.Additionally, custom-made models and measuring andanalysing toolsare develop in order to deal with much more complex problems; particularly, in emerging areas like 'Industrie 4.0'.Moreover, the Chair works intensely to anticipate new breakthrough developments and potential radical solution leading to drastic cuts in the production process, by studying different structuresshaping the future production plants 'factories of tomorrow'. In this regard our main interestrelies on the planning of new factorystructures andassessing their impact on material flow and subsequent internal logistic processes.