Alumni Veranstaltungen

Termin Veranstaltungsart
06/2018 20th anniversary of ERM
“Sustainable Land Use”
06/2018 “Intensifying the Diffusion of  Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Developing Countries for Improving Energy Access in Rural Areas” LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
04/2017 World Heritage Theory, Policy and Practice IAWHP
08/2016 Alumni Conference
“Green industries and carbon foodprinting" (Medellin, Kolumbien)
08/2016 Alumni Conference "Migrationsherausforderungen in Europa" (San José, Costa Rica) DAAD Centróamerica
04/2016 Alumni Seminar "Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies in Developing Countries" DAAD
10/2014 Alumni Conference
“The Right to World Heritage”
05/2014 DAAD Stipendiaten Treffen IRO
04/2014 Alumni Seminar
"Intensifying Utilisation of Renewable Energy Technologies for Propelling Development of Asian Developing Countries"
LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
04/2013   Alumni Summer School
“The Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies into the Decentralized Energy Supply Systems in Developing Countries”
LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
06/2012 Alumni Summer School
“Using Solar Energy Technology for Development of
Rural Areas in the Global South”
LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
04/2012 Alumni Summer School
“Harnessing Renewable Energy for Industrial
Applications and Other Productive Uses in Developing Countries”
LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
06/2012 Alumni Symposium und Workshop
“Understanding Each Other’s Heritage –Challenges for Heritage Communication in a Globalized World”
06/2011 Alumni Workshop
“How to establish international BTU-alumni groups”
06/2011 Alumni Conference
"World Heritage and Sustainable Development"
10/2008 Alumni Conference
“Energy and Natural Resources Policy– Distributional Justice”
12/2008 Alumni Conference in Cameroon
“Risk Assessment and Management for
Environmental Protection in sub-Saharan Africa”
LS Zivil- u.Öff. Recht
05/2008 Alumni Summer School
“Management in Heritage Places and Community Participation”
03/2007 Alumni Summer School
“Heritage in Danger–Conflicts and Solutions”
10/2006 Alumni Expert Workshop ERM
10/2006 Alumni Expert Workshop WHS