"Values in the Making: Observing Architects Crafting Their Discourse"

Lecture by Pauline Lefebvre (Brussels) on 30 November 2022, 6 pm

This inquiry on architects’ “values” is part of a broader investigation by Pauline Lefebvre (FNRS Research Associate at the Faculty of Architecture at Université libre de Bruxelles) on what she calls architects’ “tacit political engagements”, engagements that are not explicitly claimed with words nor necessarily manifest in their built production, but rather found in their many activities and gestures. To study "Values in the Making" she adopted a pragmatist approach to architecture and conducted participant observations within architecture firms. The lecture by Pauline Lefebvre will be held in presence and in cooperation with Fachgebiet "Entwerfen und Bauen im Bestand" at Studio Pedersen, Lehrgebäude 2 D, first floor at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. It can also be followed online via zoom. The link for online participation will be provided here on the day of the event.


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