Structure of the degree program Artificial Intelligence (M.Sc.)

The program, including teaching and exams, is in Englisch.

The degree program consists of

  • three Mandatory Electives Blocks;
    • Advanced Methods,
    • Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, and Processing,  and
    • Learning and Reasoning
  • Seminars or Laboratories,
  • General Studies  - 6 LP,
  • Internship - 10 LP,
  • Master Thesis - 30 LP.


In addition to mandatory electives modules that can only be taken as part of a Master's program, the three mandatory electives blocks also contain  modules from the Bachelor's program that correspond to the level of the Master's education but could already be optionally selected in the specialization of the Bachelor's program. The mandatory electives blocks also contain modules that can be used by students who’s previous degree is from a program close to the AI to shore up essential knowledge in AI that their previous degree may not have contained. Of these modules, a maximum of 18 credit points (LP) can be used for the Master's program. Modules that have been used by the student as part of their Bachelor's degree cannot be used for again as part of the Master's program.