Current module catalog (as of Februar 2023)

Appendix 1: Overview of modules, status, credit points (LP)

Module No.Compulsory elective complexes or modulesStatusEvaluationCredit Points
 Advanded MethodsCompulsory electiveExam6 - 56
 Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, and ProcessingCompulsory electiveExam6 - 56
 Learning and ReasoningCompulsory electiveExam6 - 56
 Seminars or LaboratoriesCompulsory electiveStudy performance6 - 12
 General StudiesCompulsory electiveExam6
13602InternshipMandatoryStudy performance10
13600Master ThesisMandatoryExam30
Sum   120

Elective complex: Advanced Methods Note that a few, extra courses are offered for those who speak German.

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit  Points
11102Lineare Algebra und analytische Geometrie IIGerman8
11104Analysis IIGerman8
11201Analysis IIIGerman8
11449Strukturelle KomplexitätstheorieGerman8
11509Designing and Understanding Psychological ExperimentsEnglish6
11787Theoretische InformatikGerman8
11886Dependability and Fault ToleranceEnglish6
11889Introduction to Cyber SecurityEnglish8
(English on request)
12458Algebraische RechenmodelleGerman8
12464Modeling and Simulation of Discrete SystemsEnglish6
12471Ausgewählte Kapitel der Theoretischen InformatikGerman8
12973Network and System SecurityEnglish6
13220Modeling in Mixed-Integer OptimizationEnglish8
13490Secure Cyber-Physical SystemsEnglish6
13843Scientific ComputingEnglish6
13844Functional AnalysisEnglish8
13849Introduction to Computational NeuroscienceEnglish6
13863Mathematical StatisticsEnglish8
13874Introduction to Numerical Linear AlgebraEnglish6
13911Algebra: Structures and AlgorithmsEnglish6
14015Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Artificial IntelligenceEnglish6

Elective complex: Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, and Processing Note that a few, extra courses are offered for those who speak German.

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit  Points
11881Foundations of Data MiningEnglish6
11911Grundzüge der Kognition und WahrnehmungGerman6
13500Introduction to Neural Signal AnalysisEnglish6
13593Applied Algebraic Quantum TheoryEnglish6
13668Sensorimotor Processing in Health and DiseaseEnglish6
13813Logic in DatabasesEnglish8
13838 / 12345Information RetrievalEnglish6
13839Advanced Database ModelsEnglish6
13840Data WarehousesEnglish6
13841Speech ProcessingEnglish6
13842Virtual Reality and AgentsEnglish6
13845Multimedia RetrievalGerman6
13889Stochastic ProcessesEnglish8
13908Experimental Techniques in Physics Supported with Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningEnglish6
13912Coding TheoryEnglish6
13949Differential GeometryEnglish6
13963Neuromorphic Computing and EngineeringEnglish6
13978Bioinformatics: Artifical Intelligence and Algorithmic ApproachesEnglish6

Elective complex: Learning and Reasoning Note that a few, extra courses are offered for those who speak German.

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit  Points
11847Neural Networks and Learning TheoryEnglish8
12826Mathematical Data ScienceEnglish8
13335Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for Neuroadaptive TechnologyEnglish6
13715Causal Data Science in Business and EconomicsEnglish6
13846Learning in Real and Virtual HumansEnglish6
13847Cognitive Systems: Behavior ControlEnglish6
13873Computer Architectures for Deep LearningEnglish6
13906Data exploration and system management using AI/MLEnglish6
13942Foundations of PsychophysiologyEnglish6
11333Optimierung IIGerman8
12472Einführung in die Constraint-ProgrammierungGerman6

Seminars and Laboratories

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit Points