Modules for winter semester 2023/2024 (Status: August 16, 2023)

Compulsory elective complex: Advanded Methods

Modul No.Modul TitleLaguageCredit PointsLimited Number of Partifipants
11886Dependability and Fault ToleranceEnglish6 
13969Introduction to Cyber SecurityEnglish6 
13843Scientific ComputingEnglish8 
13849Introduction to Computational NeuroscienceEnglish6 
14015Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Artificial IntelligenceEnglish6 
14034Languages of Artificial IntelligenceEnglish630
14060Research Module in Artificial Intelligence (Currentlly available from Profs. Breuß, Cunningham, Schliep, Zander)English6 
11201Analysis IIIGerman8 
13392Differenzierbare Optimierung (Differentiable Optimization)German8 

Compulsory elective complex: Knowledge Acquisition, Representation, and Processing

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit Points
11881Foundations of Data MiningEnglish6
13668Sensorimotor Processing in Health and DiseaseEnglish6
13813Logic in DatabasesEnglish8
14085Graph TheoryEnglish8
13500Introduction to Neural Signal AnalysisEnglish6

Compulsory elective complex: Learning and Reasoning

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit PointsLimited Number of Partifipants
13335Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for Neuroadaptive TechnologyEnglish672
14038Computing at Scale in Machine Learning: Distributed Computing and Algorithmic ApproachesEnglish6 
14021Explainable Artificial IntelligenceEnglish6 
13942Foundations of PsychophysiologyEnglish 72
13906 Data Exploration and System Management Using Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningEnglish620
12472Einführung in die Constraint-ProgrammierungGerman6 

Seminars, Laboratories

Modul No.Modul TitleLanguageCredit PointsLimited Number of Partifipants
13866 / 13867 / 13968Seminar: Neuroadaptive TechnologyEnglish4 
14013Seminar: Conversational Artificial Intelligence: History, Application, Future
13869Braitenberg Vehikel PraktikumEnglish6