Internet workplaces

The University Library Cottbus - Senftenberg offers free access to the Internet for registered users. You can sign in with your BTU account and library number at all Internet workstations.

In addition to Windows-based Internet access you have access to all Office programmes for word processing, spreadsheet analysis and for presentation production.

Downloads to external USB drives and printing PDF documents from the Internet are possible.

Central Campus Cottbus

There are around 85 Computer workplaces in the Central Library in Cottbus, which can be used for:

  • Use the library catalogue and special offers of the library (limited Internet access).
    Locations: information areas in 1st basement and the 2nd floor - 6th floor
  • Use the internet and digital media of the university library
    Locations: 1st basement, 2nd floor (Reading Room West) - 6th floor: reading area
  • Use databases which can only accessed by a single workstation (CD-Rom workstation).
    Locations: specially designated computer on the 2nd and 3rd floor

Campus Senftenberg / Cottbus-Sachsendorf

22 computer workstations can be used for

  • Research within the library catalogue
  • Internet research and usage of digital media