Anechoic room

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The room is situated in a constructionally separated laboratory complex of LG3A building (vibration-cushioned fundament, HF cage, air-conditioned). The lab complies with DIN EN ISO 3747 standard requirements and is certified up to 10 kHz. Maximal noise reduction is 99 percent.

Application spectrum:

  • multichannel sound analysis
  • examination of acoustic transducers, also polar diagrams
  • quality analysis of speech transmission
  • ambient noise measurement and sound emmission
  • calibration of acoustic devices

Technical equippment:

  • Bruel & Kjaer sound level measurement
  • HEAD acoustics acoustics head-related recording and playback technology
  • EASERA Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analysis

The lab can be hired for BTU research projects or for commercial purposes.