Cognitive Systems Lab

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The lab suits for the development of intuitively operable, adaptive and self-learning technical systems. CSL is situated in an acoustically equipped special room. Its reverberation time is variably tunable by removable absorbing plates. An additional soundproof studio can alternatively be used either as recording or as equipment space. The lab offers the following working places:

  • a test field for simulating and testing cognitive user interfaces, equipped with a 3D, 64-channel, movable microphone array, with a 70'' touch screen, with HD and 3D cameras, and with a digital directional microphone,

  • an audio measuring station equipped with a 4-channel microphone array (alternatively also ultrasonic sensors), essentially suited for nondestructive material diagnoses, as well as

  • a speaker working place, including studio microphone in a soundproof chamber.

    The lab can be hired for BTU research projects or for commercial purposes.