Following the last year event which was really entertaining and educational, we are pleased to announce the second edition of the AIAAF symposium (AI-Aided Architectural Fabrication). The idea for AIAAF is to meet with other researchers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, etc. to showcase the works, discuss the existing research problems and potentially form some partnerships (in the long run). While we do keep the event open to the public and advertise it, we intend to keep the talks technical and academia-oriented. The name may suggest a very narrow niche for the speakers, but we consider "AIAAF" a promise of the future - both AI-only and fabrication-only talks will be present. This year also a workshop with students covering some above-mentioned topics will be held on the first part of the day.

There are four goals for the symposium:

  • Showcase the projects which are using fabrication aided by AI
  • Discuss outstanding robotic fabrication projects
  • Get familiar with the cutting edge simulation, modeling and learning methods
  • Find out new areas of collaboration between the AI and Fab disciplines


While the attendance is free of charge, registration is required. You can register here.