mFUND project: MoVeTo Lausitz

Mobility support using data-based traffic control as well as alternative offers for tourist mobility in Lusatia.

Project duration 2022 - 2025

The tourism sector represents enormous potential for structural strengthening in lignite mining areas that are in transition. The Lusatian mining area in particular already has some very well-known destinations (including the Spreewald, the Lusatian Lake District, the Cottbus Baltic Sea).

Due to the rural area, the attractiveness of several tourist hot spots located at great distances from each other and the lack of needs-based alternatives, there is a risk that tourism traffic in Lusatia will continue to be predominantly carried out by motorized individual transport in the future. Intelligent, multimodal and needs-oriented mobility concepts can be used to meet the market's short-term need for adaptation.

Intelligent traffic controls, efficient parking space management, data platforms, autonomous transport offers and on-demand offers in local public transport can make a decisive contribution to regional development.

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