Term Overview Winter 2021/22 Due to the unpredictable situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we kindly ask the students to register for their courses in Moodle and to check for new information regularly.

Module / Module No. Title / Course No. Study ProgramTeacher
Body of Knowledge
(Master) 37408  
World Heritage Studies - Body of Knowledge 510217 A/B, Tuesdays 13.45-17.00, SR 3, hybrid weeks 41.-05.WHS (man.)  Manuel Peters
Introduction / Coaching
(Master) 37407  
Introduction into the World Heritage Studies: Social Scientific Approaches 510216, A/B, wednesdays, 11.30-13.00 u. 13.45-15.15, SR3 hybrid weeks: 41.-05.WHS (man.)Miriam Friz Trzeciak
Discourses on Culture and Heritage
(Master) 37102
Interdisciplinary Critical Perspectives on Heritage 510206, A/B, wednesdays,  11.30-13.00 u. 13.45-15.15, online, LB 4B, B316 weeks: 41.-05.WHS (non-man.) FüS  (non-man.)Jana Schäfer
12824 World Heritage Studies - Body of Knowledge (Online)Tuesdays, 13.45-17.00,
weeks: 41.-05.

WHS Online (man.)Manuel Peters
12823 Introduction and Coaching (Online)Wednesdays, 11.30-13.00 u. 13.45-15.15,  A/B
weeks: 41.-05.
WHS Online (man.)Miriam Friz Trzeciak
Kulturwissenschaften: Konzepte und Anwendungen
(Bachelor) 37202
Lesewerkstatt: Digitalität und Mobilität im Spiegel der Kulturtheorien 510210, Block seminar: 8. Oktober 2021, 10.00 – 12.00: Vorbesprechung https://b-tu.webex.com/b-tu/j.php?MTID=mfe87ebf079fe04fa96e3cc0c82f8ff31 22.-26.+29.-30. Nov., 10.00 bis 18.00, in Präsenz LG 10, Raum 211KuT (man.) FüS (non-man.)Anna Amelina
Theories / Methods
(PhD) 11291
Theories and Methods 510222, Block seminar, offline; 21.10., 22.10., 23.10., 9:30-18:30, LG 10, Room 211PhD Heritage Studies (man.)Anna Amelina
Statusreport (PhD) 12253Status Report 510223 Block seminar, offline 29.-30.09., 9.00-19.30 LG 10, Room 211  PhD Heritage Studies (man.)Anna Amelina
Research Colloquium 12244Research Colloquium 510201 Block seminar, online 27.-28.09., 9.00-19.30PhD Heritage Studies (man.)Anna Amelina

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