Concrete topics for theses and student assistant activities Status: 06.02.2023

MEMS Varactor

Internship: Characterization of isolated GEN0 varactor chips by IV and CV measurements, optical analysis, SEM investigations, failure analysis

Master thesis: Construction and commissioning of a macroscopic MEMS varactor demonstrator suitable for measurement

  • Design and fabrication (e.g. as 3D printed model) of a varactor macro demonstrator, CAD design
  • Realization of a macroscopic drive (e.g. by piezo, respectively stepper motors)
  • Recording and visualization of the capacitance variation e.g. by color change or by tuning of a low frequency receive signal)

Machine Learning

  • Improve existing fundamentals (literature research, documentation)
    • Transfer Learning: Transfer a Machine Learning Model to a different application
    • Federated Learning: Combine Machine Learning Models from different nodes, which train their individual model

Predictive Maintenance / Sensor Fusion

  • Design multi sensor measurement setups to determine the state of a machine for the workshop of FG Werkzeugmaschinen " in Senftenberg
  • Design multi sensor measurement setups to determine the state of mobile hand tools (Bachelor or Master)

Two Photon Polymerization (TPP) Lithography

  • Additive manufacturing of structures with sub micron resolution
    • Microoptics
    • Microfluidics
    • On chip fabrication
    • Metamaterials
    • Topology optimization
  • Pre and postprocessing
    • Structure design
      • CAD
      • DeScribe programming
    • Dispenser controlled resist application
    • UV flood polymerization
    • Critical point drying
    • Characterization
      • Scanning electron microscopy
      • Reflective light microscopy

Ultrasound / Acoustic camera (project start 2024)

  • Preparatory literature research and application on industrial robots
  • Design a hardware to control several ultrasound transducers to perform beam forming