Degree theses

Franziska Wall
Nonlinear, quasi-static modeling approaches for electrostatic actuators
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2023

Michael Stolz
Determination and evaluation of the reliability of lateral electrostatic nanoactuators and their influence on future applications 
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2023

Severin Schweiger
Additive manufacturing on chip  
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2023

Severin Schmidt
Design, construction and characterization of a varactor demonstrator
Bachelor thesis, BTU C-S, 2023

Tim Schulze
MEMS-based components for the modulation of terahertz radiation in waveguides
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2022

Sebastian Uhlig  
Silicon-based micropumps with the lateral nanoscopic electrostatic drive
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2022

Tenia Meisel
Optimization of the directivity of MEMS ultrasonic transducers by passive structures
Bachelor thesis, BTU C-S, 2022

Michalina Kulas
Investigation of the behavior of MEMS loudspeakers under mechanical shock load
Bachelor thesis, BTU C-S, 2020

Cornelius Sicker
Fundamental investigations on phase modulation of light in the subnanometer range using diffractive micromirror arrays
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2018

David Schuffenhauer
Numerical optimization of microactuators
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2017

Martin Blasl
Electro-optically induced waveguides in paranematic liquid crystals
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2017

Bert Kaiser
Simulation and characterization of a novel micromechanical electrostatic actuator
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2016

Michael Stolz
Experimental investigations on lateral electrostatic nanoactuators
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2016

Klaus Benjamin Lemcke
Experimental setup for measuring vertical surfaces of micromechanical actuators at the DHM 
Bachelor thesis, BTU C-S, 2016

Nadja Epperlein
Characterization of a digital holographic microscope for the analysis of micro-mechanical actuators
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2015

Marie-Louise Gerntrupp
Characterization of Environmental Influences on a New Class of Nano-Actuators
Bachelor thesis, BTU C-S, 2015

Alexander Mai
Aluminum based micro mirrors exposed to UV laser light - in situ performance and degradation
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2014

René Eisermann
Technological development and characterization of silicon nitride waveguides
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2013

Alexander Knopf
Integrated optical frequency shifter on the basis of phase modulators
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2013

Hannes Torlee
Investigations into the influence of X-rays on silicon-based MOS transistors
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2013

Michael Wildenhain
Investigations into the image quality of a microscanner-based laser projection system
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2013

Fabian Zimmer
Fabrication and characterization of highly efficient micromechanical NIR diffraction gratings for use in miniaturized spectrometers
Dissertation, BTU C-S, 2012

Matthias Stephan Jahnel
Optimization of the reliability of OLED lighting elements
Master thesis, BTU C-S, 2012