PhD student

M.Sc. Fredrik Arvidsson

E-Mail:  f.arvidsson(at)


Field of research

Swedish arachnologist, working from home in Sweden when I am not doing field work abroad.

My research is about Spider ecology in different contexts. The largest part of the PhD consists of identifying Swedish spiders from a large collection owned by the Swedish Malaise trap Project (SMTP). This will help us further understand the ecology of Swedish spiders in a wide range of habitats. Two projects focus on agroecology, which will increase the understanding of spiders as natural enemies of pests. One was situated in South African fruit orchards and the other in crop fields in southern Sweden. The last project is conducted at a forest by Linde research station in Germany, in the project we look at the effects of fencing on the spider community in a forest.

I got my bachelor, in Biology, and master, in Zooecology, at Lund University in Sweden.