Academic staff / PhD student

M.Sc. Martha Alfeus

M.Sc. Martha Alfeus

Lecture Building2 C, room 211
Konrad-Wachsmann-Allee 6
03046 Cottbus

Phone: +49 355 / 69-43 88
Fax: +49 355 / 69-22 25
E-Mail: martha.alfeus(at)

Field of Research

I am a wildlife conservationist and ecologist particularly interested in population dynamics, species distribution, and integration of agricultural land use and wildlife ecosystem systems.  Understanding these ecological processes, such as identifying environmental factors and anthropogenic effects influencing wildlife populations will support develop effective management and conservation of wildlife populations and natural processes.

I am currently a Researcher and Ph.D. student at the Department of Ecology, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, assessing how bush encroachment control and sustainable intensification influence rangeland productivity and species taxonomic composition and diversity of invertebrate communities in Southern Africa.  This study will restore the rangeland areas and sustain natural biodiversity while enhancing food security and livelihood of local communities through capacity building and increasing their resilience to climate change.

Curriculum Vitae

2022 – Researcher and PhD student, Department of Ecology, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

2021–2022 Laboratory and Research Assistant, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Cheetah Conservation Fund

2018 – 2020 M.Sc. in Agriculture (Wildlife Management), University of Namibia

2017 – 2018 Data Archivist, Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism

2013 – 2016 B.Sc. in Wildlife Management and Ecotourism, University of Namibia