Guideline for an Erasmus+ traineeship

Please consider the following aspects:

  • Plan your traineeship in the long run.
  • Consult your study regulations for choosing the best time for a traineeship (unless your curriculum doesn't require a mandatory traineeship in a specific semester). You might also apply for a leave of absence during your internship (BTU students please refer to this link).
  • Please apply early enough. If you don't have a traineeship, you need to apply six months before the intended starting date of your traineeship with the complete Set 1 of the application documents. In case you already have a traineeship you need to apply three months before the intended starting date with the complete Set 1 + Set 2 of the application documents.

    !! Attention: In the event of a late submission of the Applications, your funding period will be shortened.

  • Please take into account that an Erasmus+ sponsorship can only be an allowance to your actual living expenses. Therefore you should also consider other possibilities to get additional allowances.
  • The application documents have to be complete and filled in digitally. Applications filled by hand will not be accepted.
  • Please check early, especially when you are not an EU-citizen, which requirements apply for a traineeship in your host country.
  • According to EU-regulations BTU-students from so called "Third Party States", which are registered at the foreigners Authority in Cottbus, have to fill in a "Residency Permit Application with Mobility Regulation" before they leave Germany. This form has to be transferred to your responsible Foreigner's Registrations Office / Ausländerbehörde.
  • It would also be advantageous the German residency permit in your passport is valid during your whole stay abroad and a certain period of time afterwards. Ask your resposbile Foreigner's Registration office / Ausländerbehörde for details.
  • Please make sure you are properly insured during your traineeship in a foreign european country. Before beginning your traineeship you need to provide the LEONARDO office with a signed "Declaration of Insurance Coverage".
  • Please have a look at the advice on our page about preparations.
  • You are not entitled to lodge a claim for an Erasmus+ grant.