Digital and mixed-signal circuits


The Chair of Microelectronics offers well equiped working places for students. Two students work effectively per workplace. A laboratory workstation includes the following equipment:

  • Function generator (10 MHz)
  • Dual channel oscilloscope (up to 200 MHz)
  • various digital multimeters and adjustable power supplies
  • PC system with development software

A comprehensive plug-in module system is available for the test setups. It is used at the chair for both analog and digital circuits.

For the digital simulation of the designed circuits the students get to know the handling of the program package PSpice in a student free version.

For the design of complex digital circuits, students are familiarized with an integrated development system for programmable logic circuits from XILINX (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). It includes both conventional input tools and VHDL editors. VHDL and digital simulators can be used for circuit testing.

The practical implementation of the synthesized designs can be done on simple CPLD demo boards as well as on modern FPGA platforms (Nexys-3).