Digital and mixed-signal circuits

Lecture topics

The students master the design, assmbly and simulation of digital circuits and understand the basics of digital signal processing. They can describe digital and mixed-signal circuits circuit-wise as well as by means of hardware description language VHDL and synthesize them in programmable logic. They practice analog-to-digital conversion procedures in the laboratory.

  1. Hardware Description Language VHDL, Language Constructs and Syntax;VHDL Simulation and Test Benches
  2. Design of digital circuits, design levels (behaviour model, register transfer model, net lists, gate models and digital libraries)
  3. Structure and function of semiconductor memories and programmable logic
  4. Design and Application of Programmable Circuits; CPLD and FPGA; Design Process and Integrated Development Environments for PLD
  5. Synthesis of digital circuits in programmable digital circuits
  6. Time response of digital circuits in PLD (placement and wiring process)
  7. Basics of Digital Signal Processing, Quantization, AD and DA Conversion
  8. Basic Nyquist and Oversampling Methods for ADC and DAC
  9. Analog-to-digital converter according to the delta-sigma method; Z-transformation

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