Faculty 1

Chair ofConduct
Applied Physics and Semiconductor SpectroscopyProf. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Jan Ingo Flege
Circuit design Prof. Dr. techn. Peter Weger
Computational Physics Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Götz Seibold
Experimental Physics and functional MaterialsProf. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Inga Fischer
Junior professorship, ultrafast physics N. N.
Micro and nano systemsProf. Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Harald Schenk
Semiconductor materialsProf. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Christian Wenger
Statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Michael Bestehorn
Field of studyConduct
Applied physics / thermal utilisation of solar energy Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Donath
Experimental physics Apl.-Prof. Dr. Christian Pettenkofer
Experimental physicsApl. Prof. Dr. habil. Dietmar Siche
Experimental physics / solid state physics Dr.rer.nat. Rainer Schubert
Nano-materials Honorarprofessor Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ehrenfried Zschech
Semiconductor physicsApl.-Prof. Dr. Martin Kittler