Research Area Nanomaterials

Research profile

The research area of the Nanomaterials group includes X-ray microscopic and spectromicroscopic investigations of new materials, to determine their morphological and electronic properties. In-situ  and operando studies using special chambers for electrochemical processes and thermomechanical loading enable the understanding of kinetic processes in materials that cause their aging and degradation. One research focus is the development of new materials for batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

The research group cooperates closely with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (BESSY II).

Research projects

  • »Synergetic application of the technical concepts for electronic structure and microstructure, for the development of cobalt-free high-voltage cathodes for Na-ion batteries» (SynBat)
    Cooperation partner: Prof. Dr. Janina Molenda, AGH University Krakow, Poland
  • »High-resolution two-dimensional X-ray absorption spectroscopy (2D-XAS) on relevant battery or catalyst materials«
    BMBF, in preparation