1st EIZ Annual Meeting

The upcoming 1st EIZ Annual Meeting, set to convene in Cottbus on 24th-25th April 2024, represents an important platform for professionals and academics in the fields of energy technology and economics across the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Following its inception in August 2022, the EIZ has rapidly evolved, with advancements in its laboratories and research initiatives.

This inaugural annual meeting, proudly hosted by the Scientific Computing Lab and the Energy Storage and Conversion Lab, promises to be a hub of academic exchange and collaborative exploration. The meeting will serve as a platform for cutting-edge ideas, bringing together academia and industry to delve into critical challenges and emerging opportunities within the energy sector.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a series of scientific sessions, poster presentations as well as key notes from academia and industry. These sessions will focus on two main themes: “Challenges in Energy Infrastructure and Scaling” and “Dynamic Processes in Multi-Energy Systems.”

 Call for Abstracts