Concept of the Innovation Days

The two very successful expert symposiums ("Innovation Days") on "Organisational Structures for Radical Innovations in Established Firms – State of the Art and Challenges for the Future" and "Innovators, Capabilities & Open Business Models to Facilitate Radical Innovation" have been initiated by Dr. Bernd Wiemann, head of Vodafone Group R&D Germany. The concept has been proven very successful and more conferences are in planning on an annual base. The Innovation Days focus exclusively at specific challenges, concepts and experiences of organisational units in large, established firms which aim on the development of new markets and businesses based on emerging technologies leading to radical or disruptive innovations. The Innovation Days provide a unique opportunity for 20-30 representatives of large European companies and leading researchers with a common interest on organisational structures for the front end of radical innovations, to up-date as well as exchange views and experiences.

Initiator and sponsor:

Dr. Bernd Wiemann, head of Vodafone Group R&D Germany

Organising committee:

Dr. Stefan Hüsig/Regensburg University and Prof. Dr. Christiane Hipp/Brandenburg Technical University (BTU)

Details on previous events:

Innovation Day III took place in Prague (20-21st of May 2010) - in cooperation with the University of Economics, Institute for Technology and Innovation Management, Prague. For more information see the web side.

Innovation Day II took place in Regensburg (19-10th of June 2008). For more information see our flyer for Innovation Day II.

Innovation Day I took place in Cottbus (13th of February 2007). For more information see our flyer for Innovation Day I.