With the launching of the programme  UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking) in 1992, UNESCO has established a worldwide network of cooperation in the higher education sector. The overall objective of the programme is the share and balanced use of knowledge and know-how within and across borders. Therefore, UNITWIN supports twinning and other linking arrangements between institutions of higher education. Today, more than 740 institutions in 125 countries participate in the programme.

UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme was established as a way to promote inter-university cooperation and university networks. More than 620  UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networksfrom different disciplines in more than 120 countries devote their research and tuition activities to fields that are also of high importance for UNESCO. In December 2003, UNESCO awarded the title UNESCO Chair in Heritage Studies to the  Chair Intercultural Studies at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (BTU). It is one of the ten UNESCO Chairs in Germany participating in the network.

For further information about our cooperation with the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme please visit the website of the Chair Intercultural Studies: