Exhibition "Forgotten Worlds and Blind Spots

The medial neglect of the Global South

It is not uncommon for the media to have a blind spot when it comes to the Global South (so-called Third World or so-called developing and emerging countries).

For example, the devastating lack of food supplies in East Africa and the Lake Chad region, which put nearly 37 million people at risk of starvation at the end of 2017 and which UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien described as the largest looming humanitarian crisis since the founding of the United Nations, was barely reported. Yemen, where the largest cholera epidemic ever measured in history broke out in 2017, is also one of the forgotten worlds in the media to which no special broadcasts are devoted.

The exhibition "Forgotten Worlds and Blind Spots" presents the most important results of a long-term study in which, among other things, more than 5,100 broadcasts of the "20:00 Uhr Tagesschau" from 1996 and 2007-2019 were analyzed.

The data clearly show that the coverage is geographically very unbalanced. While the so-called West receives far disproportionate attention, numerous states of the Global South are marginalized or even ignored in some cases.

The exhibition panels as well as the study itself can be viewed and downloaded free of charge at the following address:


The website also features a summary with the most important results as a video presentation, as well as a petition to end the medial neglect of the Global South.

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